Chipotle Chili

Ingredients: Beans* black soaked 18%, tomatoes*, vegetable broth [water, vegetable broth (rock salt, corn starch*, onions* carrots*, sunflower oil*, spices*, herbs*)], ground beef* 12 %, onions*, kidney beans* soaked 9 %, corn*, beef bone broth (water, beef bone* 28 %, celery*, carrots*, apple cider vinegar*, salt, garlic*, bay leaf*, pepper*). Sweet potatoes* 6%, canola oil*, tomato paste*, salt, smoked salt, garlic*, cumin*, paprika* smoked, chili* 0,1%, paprika* sweet.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper jar (570 g)
Calorific value431 kJ/103 kcal2449 kJ/585 kcal
thereof saturated
3.4 g
1.0 g
19.4 g
5.7 g
of which sugar**
10.8 g
2.3 g
61.6 g
13.1 g
Dietary fiber5,3 g30,2 g
Protein6,5 g37,1 g
Salt0,78 g4,45 g

**sugar naturally contained

Chickpea curry (vegan)

Ingredients:Chickpeas* 24%, tomatoes*, soy* (soy granules*, Water), onions*, water, coconut milk* (coconut* 57 %, water), carrots*, salt, coconut fat*, sultanas* (sultanas*, sunflower oil*), Tropical Curry 0.8%* (spices (turmeric*, ginger*, chili*, garlic*, fennel*, cinnamon*, coriander*), pineapple*, bread clover*, onion*, mango*, beechwood smoke), hemp seeds*, garlic*, tomato paste*, ginger*, chili*.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper jar (570 g)
Calorific value473 kJ/113 kcal2688 kJ/642 kcal
thereof saturated
4.0 g
3.3 g
22.8 g
18.8 g
of which sugar**
12.9 g
3.8 g
73.5 g
21.7 g
Dietary fiber3,9 g22,2 g
Protein5,5 g31,4 g
Salt0,90 g5,13 g

**sugar contained naturally

Lentils à la Provence

Ingredients:Vegetable broth* (water, onions*, carrots*, leeks*, parsnip*, nutmeg*, fenugreek seeds, white pepper*), Tomatoes*, 12.5% Lentils*, 5.5% White Beans*, Potatoes*, tomato paste*, tomato juice*, celery*, onions*, 3 % Hokkaido pumpkin*, canola oil*, carrots*, rock salt, garlic*, rosemary*, thyme*, bay leaf*, black pepper*.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper jar (570 g)
Calorific value423 kJ/101 kcal2399 kJ/573 kcal
thereof saturated
2,0 g
0,2 g
11,4 g
1,1 g
thereof sugar**
14,7 g
2,4 g
83,8 g
13,7 g
Dietary fiber3,6 g20,5 g
Protein5,3 g30,2 g
Salt0,80 g4,56 g

**sugar naturally contained

Sweet Chili

Ingredients: Tomato pulp*, cooked red beans 13% (red beans*, water), cooked borlotti beans 12% (borlotti beans*, water), water, red peppers*, leek*, textured vegetable protein (pea protein concentrate*, broad bean protein concentrate*, table salt), Onion*, rapeseed oil*, double concentrated tomato paste*, sweetener: erythritol*, pineapple*, table salt, spices (garlic*, paprika*, chilli*, pepper*, coriander*, cumin*), starch*, natural cumin aroma.
*from controlled organic cultivation

nutritional values per 100g per glass (570 g)
calorific value 381kJ/91kcal 2169kJ/517kcal
saturated with it
of which sugars**
fiber 4.0g 23g
protein 5.6g 32g
Salt 0.50g 2.9g

**Sugar naturally contained

African Bowl

Ingredients: Water, tomatoes*, pinto beans* 9%, bell peppers*, coconut milk*, pea protein 6% (pea protein concentrate*, faba protein concentrate*, salt), sweet potatoes*, kale*, onions*, spice blend (turmeric*, paprika*, coriander*, Ginger*, fenugreek*, chili*, cinnamon*, pepper*, cardamom*, cloves*, cumin*, parsnips*, basil*, rock salt, natural cumin flavor, natural lemon flavor), tomato paste*, almonds*, garlic*, ginger*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper glass (570 g)
Calorific value325 kJ/78 kcal1853 kJ/445 kcal
thereof saturated
1.6 g
0.7 g
9.1 g
4.0 g
thereof sugar**
9.8 g
2.2 g
55.9 g
12.5 g
Dietary fiber3,0 g17,1 g
Protein5,5 g31,4 g
Salt0,53 g3,02 g

**sugar naturally contained

Italian bean stew

Ingredients: chicken broth* (water, rock salt, wheat starch* (gluten-free), chicken fat*, chicken meat*, onion*, parsley*, carrots*, garlic*, turmeric*, rosemary*), tomatoes*, cannellini beans* 15.4%, borlotti beans* 11.8%, chicken meat*. 7.3%, savoy cabbage*, onions*, carrots*, zucchini*, Celery*, spices* (contains mustard), olive oil*, garlic*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper glass (545 g)
Calorific value371 kJ/88 kcal2022 kJ/480 kcal
thereof saturated
1.9 g
0.5 g
10.3 g
2.7 g
thereof sugar**
10.5 g
1.8 g
57.2 g
9.8 g
Dietary fiber3,4 g18,5 g
Protein5,7 g31 g
Salt0,90 g4,91 g

**sugar naturally contained

storage pack

High in protein
high in fiber
no added sugar
gluten free
€129,99 only €6,38 per glass You save €13,83 €143,82

With our storage pack you are optimally supplied and always have a balanced organic meal at hand. Ready in just 3 minutes & can be kept for over a year without refrigeration. It fits in every pantry!

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💡 Tip: With a side dish like rice one jar is enough for two servings!
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Ordered the Löwenanteil for the first time and am absolutely delighted. I will definitely order again. 😍 The glass size is optimal. As described, one glass is easily enough for two servings.
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answers to your questions


At 570 g per glass, our dishes are significantly larger than conventional ready meals. A glass contains two servings.

Our organic dishes are basically suitable for anyone who wants to eat a balanced diet in everyday life.
Athletes benefit from a high protein content and optimal nutrient distribution.

We use 100% natural organic food for our dishes and do not use any additives or added sugar. All of our dishes have a very balanced ratio of high-quality proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

Our dishes can be kept for over a year without refrigeration. After opening, the dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 3 days.

We have developed a complex process for preservation. The dishes are gently heat-treated so that we can guarantee a long shelf life without additives. Regular laboratory tests confirm this.

The saturation factor of our dishes is very high. This means you stay full for a long time, even if you have consumed relatively few calories. This is how you get through your diet without torture.

Yes, all dishes are lactose and gluten free.


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