With Löwenanteil you get a hot organic meal in just 3 minutes. Our meals contain everything your body needs: complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, plenty of protein and fiber. All meals have an unrefrigerated shelf life of over 1 year, making them super convenient for on-the-go and at home.


30 g
9 g
78 g


Löwenanteil is the perfect alternative when you don't have time or don't feel like cooking yourself. Because our dishes can be kept unrefrigerated for over a year! Our practical jars are also easy to store and save you valuable space in your refrigerator. So you always have a balanced meal available and you finally get continuity in your diet!


Dietary fiber59%
Vitamin E17%

Ingredients: Vegetable broth* (water, vegetable broth* [water, rock salt, cornstarch*, onions*, carrots*, sunflower oil*, spices*, herbs*]), mountain lentils* 15%, carrots*, potatoes *, onions*, pumpkin seeds* 3%, salt, apple cider vinegar*, beech smoke salt (salt, beech wood smoke), pepper*, antioxidant, ascorbic acid.
*from controlled organic cultivation 

Nutritional values per 100 g per glass ( 570 g)
calorific value 385 kJ/92 kcal  2206 kJ/527 kcal    
of which saturated
1.6 g
1.6 g
of which sugar** 
13.6 g
6.8 g
Dietary fiber 3.1 g 17.7 g
protein 5.3 g 30.2 g
salt 5.19g

**Naturally contained sugar

Put the contents on a plate and microwave for 2-3 min.
Alternatively, heat the contents briefly in a saucepan.
Enjoy and get full.

Mountain lentil stew

High Protein
High Fiber
No Added Sugar
Gluten Free
570g (€1,40/100 g) incl. Taxes & excl. Shipping

You love grandma's stew? We make it fit for your muscles! Our hearty mountain lentil stew brings enthusiasm to vegan cuisine. With crunchy pumpkin seeds.

    Nutri-Score A
    • From natural organic food
    • Rich in protein & fiber
    • Full of energy & satiating
    • Without midday low
    30 g
    9 g
    78 g
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    💡 Tip: With a side dish like rice one jar is enough for two servings!
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    Very tasty and healthy vegan dish. Great seasoning! Absolute purchase recommendation!!! Tastes like mom's 😊
    Verified customer

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    answers to your questions


    At 570 g per glass, our dishes are significantly larger than conventional ready meals. A glass contains two servings.

    Our organic dishes are basically suitable for anyone who wants to eat a balanced diet in everyday life.
    Athletes benefit from a high protein content and optimal nutrient distribution.

    We use 100% natural organic food for our dishes and do not use any additives or added sugar. All of our dishes have a very balanced ratio of high-quality proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates.

    Our dishes can be kept for over a year without refrigeration. After opening, the dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for at least 3 days.

    We have developed a complex process for preservation. The dishes are gently heat-treated so that we can guarantee a long shelf life without additives. Regular laboratory tests confirm this.

    The saturation factor of our dishes is very high. This means you stay full for a long time, even if you have consumed relatively few calories. This is how you get through your diet without torture.

    Yes, all dishes are lactose and gluten free.


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    At a glance

    Your Mountain lentil stew

    Our mountain lentil stew has it all

    This dish is definitely interesting for all athletes who are friends of hearty cuisine. Mountain lentils and pumpkin seeds make our vegan lentil stew a hearty ready meal. In addition to a high protein content, the hearty classic has plenty of power in the form of carbohydrates. Thus, the fitness dish is perfect as a source of energy for a long day of hiking or as a reward afterwards. Of course, only organic quality ingredients are used to prepare our stew. We have reinvented the classic lentil stew and turned it into an energy-packed convenience meal. As a result, the dish has little to do with grandma's lentil stew, but fits perfectly with your sporty lifestyle.

    You'll love this mountain lentil recipe

    Our lentil stew is not only bursting with energy and important nutrients, but also tastes insanely delicious. This combination of flavor and nutritiousness is exactly what we strive to achieve with all of our dishes. Ready-made meals can be as healthy as they are if they don't taste delicious. On the other hand, tasty meals without important nutrients do not fit into an active lifestyle. We think it's a shame that for many people there is only an "either or" here. We would like to show precisely these people that you don't have to do without good taste or healthy ingredients. That's why our mountain lentils recipe was also developed by a renowned organic chef. If you like hearty food, you'll love this lentil stew.

    Never cook mountain lentils again

    What qualities must the perfect dish for an athlete have? Well, it should definitely contain certain nutrients. In addition, the ideal fitness dish is, in the best case, quickly prepared. It would also be desirable that it tastes good. Quite a few requirements. Our experience has shown that many healthy ready meals usually do not meet one of these requirements. Therefore, we have made it our goal to create ideal ready meals for athletes. We focus on healthy ingredients in organic quality, a rich nutritional content and fast preparation. Our meals only need to be heated in the microwave or a pot for a few minutes. You don't have to make any elaborate preparations and thanks to our stew, you'll never have to cook mountain lentils again.

    A modern lentil stew for athletes

    Traditional cooking definitely has its raison d'être, no question about it. We treat ourselves to a classic dish every once in a while, it's just part of the experience. At the same time, it's a fact that traditional dishes are often kept very basic. Hardly surprising, because in the past there were simply not yet today's possibilities and the offer of food. We are interested in reinterpreting timeless classics like lentil stew. So we've turned a somewhat dusty meal into a modern fitness dish. To do this, we simply added a few healthy and flavorful ingredients to the traditional mountain lentil recipe. Thus, our hearty lentil stew is a successful combination of tradition and current food trends.

    Your new favorite mountain lentil recipe? Open the jar and you're ready to go!

    Cooking mountain lentils is easy, but time-consuming. With the Löwenanteil of mountain lentil stew, cooking on your own is no longer necessary at all. Our freshly cooked mountain lentils have a long shelf life and taste just like the delicious original from Austria. If you search the Internet for a mountain lentil recipe, you will come across many different results, some of which require a lot of time. Your mountain lentil stew from Löwenanteil is ready to eat in just 3 minutes and is an ideal fitness food thanks to optimal nutritional values. No lunchtime slump at all, with plenty of protein, healthy fats and fiber.

    Nutritional values Lentils - little protein bombs

    If we take a closer look at the small lentils from the mountain lentil stew, we quickly realize that it is the perfect sports food. In addition to the many healthy fats, they provide us with protein that is easy for the body to metabolize. Our bodies need small building blocks to build muscle - and that's exactly what protein is. Thanks to their important fiber, fats and proteins, the lentil stew nutritional values show that the mountain lentil stew should become an essential food for every athlete. You can find out what other nutritional values lentils can offer here on our website or quite classically on the jar in which the mountain lentil stew comes to your home.