The vision

Healthy eating without cooking

"Most people struggle with healthy eating due to lack of time and motivation. Our mission is to make healthy and natural nutrition as easy as possible for everyone. Without compromising on quality."

Löwenanteil Founder Robin & Thomas


Healthy eating
made easy

A balanced
meal in just 3 minutes.

With Löwenanteil, you get a warm organic meal in just 3 minutes. Our dishes contain everything your body needs: complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, plenty of protein, and fiber. All dishes are shelf-stable, making them super convenient for on-the-go and at home!


For our delicious organic meals, we use 100% natural organic ingredients of the highest quality. We combine foods in a way that maximizes their benefits for your body. We completely avoid added sugars and all additives.

a top organic chef

We claim with confidence: We make the best and most delicious ready meals on the market. And it's no coincidence. We work very closely with an excellent top organic chef, with whom we design our recipes together. That's why our dishes are not only healthy and balanced but also incredibly tasty!

Nutritional values

From a passion for sports and fitness, we've crafted meals tailored to the needs of both amateur and professional athletes. All our dishes are rich in protein and energy, packed with nutrients to support you in achieving your athletic goals.

Stay satisfied,
without the midday slump.

No more desire for small portions? With our meals, you'll finally feel properly satisfied. And that's without experiencing a food coma afterward. Our organic dishes contain complex carbohydrates that digest slowly, keeping you energized throughout the day. Say goodbye to the midday slump!

No food waste

Food belongs on the plate, not in the trash. Thanks to the long shelf life of our products, we generate 0% food waste, and as our customer, you don't have to worry about the expiration date of our dishes. Our convenient jars are also environmentally friendly and produce no packaging waste.

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