At Löwenanteil, we are convinced that the diet of the future will be plant-based. We want to do our part by introducing people to our plant-based dishes, but at the same time letting them choose for themselves what they eat.

We already see animal products much more as a supplement and not as the basis of our diet. Most of our organic dishes are therefore already vegan. However, since the decision whether someone eats meat or not is a personal one, we also offer options with meat. And in doing so, we consistently focus on quality rather than quantity. We use meat only in small quantities, but in the highest organic quality. We source our meat from responsible organic farms, where animal welfare is once again becoming more of a focus.

Whether you eat animal products or not is your decision alone and we do not presume to judge it. We believe that our hybrid approach of offering predominantly plant-based dishes and at the same time occasional dishes with organic meat is the right way to go. Our goal is to encourage customers who consume animal products and could not previously imagine a plant-based diet to try our vegan dishes. In this way, we have already been able to introduce thousands of people to plant-based alternatives. Those who want to continue eating meat will do so anyway - with Löwenanteil or without. We can do our part to make this meat consumption happen more consciously by avoiding conventional meat and reducing overall meat consumption. How exactly? We would like to explain this with an example:

Each:r German eats on average about 60 kg of meat per year. This figure is the reason for factory farming. If you, purely to illustrate this example, would eat our Chipotle Chili twice a week from now on and otherwise abstain from meat, your meat consumption would be reduced to 7 kg per year. That's an 87% reduction! So in the future, if instead of eating a very meat-heavy, low-quality meal, you or someone else around you consumes one of our meals with organic meat instead, that's also part of the solution to reducing overall, conventional meat consumption.

    Where does our meat come from?

    For our dishes we use high quality meat from organic farms in Germany and the beautiful Alps of Austria. The animals come from small structured farms to be able to ensure quality and animal welfare. For example, the beef in our popular Chipotle Chili comes from Tyrol. There, cattle farming is structured on a small-scale basis. The organic Alpine cattle have enough exercise and living space and are fed the best feed to develop healthily and vigorously. Added to this is the purest Tyrolean mountain spring water. They are able to live and thrive outdoors in natural conditions for most of their lives and are basically fed on farm-grown and organic feed.

    The difference between conventional meat and organic meat

    • Animals must be kept in a manner appropriate to their habitat (fresh air, daylight, sun protection, etc.)
    • Organically fed
    • No preventive administration of antibiotics, medicines or hormones
    • No artificial fertilizers
    • Free from genetic engineering
    • All feed must be 100% BIO