Chili Vegano

Zutaten:Wasser, rote Bohnen gekocht 13 % (rote Bohnen*, Wasser), Tomatenfruchtfleisch*, schwarze Bohnen gekocht 10 % (schwarze Bohnen*, Wasser), Zwiebel*, Zuckermais*, texturiertes Sojaprotein*, Tomatenmark* doppelt konzentriert, Rapsöl*, Kartoffeln*, Stärke*, Rauchsalz (Speisesalz, Buchenholzrauch), Gewürze*, Chili*.
Mit * gekennzeichnete Zutaten aus ökologischer Landwirtschaft.

Nährwertepro 100 gpro Glas (570 g)
Brennwert404 kJ/101 kcal 2302 kJ/576 kcal 
davon gesättigt
2,5 g
0,3 g 
14 g
1,4 g
davon Zucker** 
12 g
2,2 g
68 g
12 g
Ballaststoffe 3,4 g19 g
Eiweiß5,8 g33 g
Salz0,74 g4,2 g

**von Natur aus enthaltener Zucker

Italian bean stew

Ingredients: chicken broth* (water, rock salt, wheat starch* (gluten-free), chicken fat*, chicken meat*, onion*, parsley*, carrots*, garlic*, turmeric*, rosemary*), tomatoes*, cannellini beans* 15.4%, borlotti beans* 11.8%, chicken meat*. 7.3%, savoy cabbage*, onions*, carrots*, zucchini*, Celery*, spices* (contains mustard), olive oil*, garlic*.
*from controlled organic cultivation

Nutritional valuesper 100 gper glass (545 g)
Calorific value371 kJ/88 kcal2022 kJ/480 kcal
thereof saturated
1.9 g
0.5 g
10.3 g
2.7 g
thereof sugar**
10.5 g
1.8 g
57.2 g
9.8 g
Dietary fiber3,4 g18,5 g
Protein5,7 g31 g
Salt0,90 g4,91 g

**sugar naturally contained

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Answers to your questions


With 570 g per jar, our Classic dishes are significantly larger than typical ready meals. One jar contains two servings. Our Chunky Bowls contain one serving per jar (380 g).

Our organic dishes are suitable for anyone looking to maintain a balanced diet in their daily life. Athletes benefit from a high protein content and optimal nutrient distribution.

For our dishes, we use 100% natural organic ingredients and completely avoid additives and added sugars. All our dishes have a very balanced ratio of high-quality proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates.

Our meals are shelf-stable for over a year without refrigeration. After opening, they remain fresh in the refrigerator for at least 3 days. We've developed an elaborate preservation process where the meals are gently heat-treated, ensuring a long shelf life without additives. Regular laboratory tests confirm this.

The satiety factor of our dishes is very high. This means you stay full for a long time even if you have consumed relatively few calories. This helps you get through your diet without feeling deprived.

All dishes are lactose-free. The Soy Sesame Chunks are not gluten-free, but all other dishes are.


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