Diet for psoriasis: you should pay attention to this

It has long been known that you can influence psoriasis with your diet. Both a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle overall ensure that common comorbidities associated with psoriasis, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, can also be prevented or at least positively influenced.

But if you deal with the topic, you quickly realize that there is no special diet that would be suitable for everyone. But there are many tips on proper nutrition that will help keep the disease in check. In any case, those affected should avoid being overweight, as this only fuels inflammatory processes in the body.

Psoriasis: Eat as naturally as possible

The very first tip: Eat as balanced and healthy a diet as possible. Only a few processed foods should be used. It is therefore important to avoid fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain products and to pay attention to high-quality ingredients in processed foods. This forms the basis of psoriasis nutrition, which can then be supplemented with high-quality proteins, for example from fish or legumes. Löwenportion products are designed to support your healthy diet. That's why we only use organic ingredients and process valuable legumes such as chickpeas or lentils in our dishes.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anyone suffering from psoriasis should eat in a way that avoids inflammation. With the right foods, inflammatory processes in the body can be influenced. For example, omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and can thus influence the course of psoriasis. They are mainly found in salmon & co., but also in hemp and flaxseed or the oil obtained from them.

Animal products for psoriasis

Animal products often promote inflammation in our bodies because they contain arachidonic acid.

If you have psoriasis, you should therefore aim for a diet that has little or, even better, no animal ingredients. Plant-based foods counteract inflammation and don't fuel it like animal products. In other words: Please eat meat, sausage and dairy products only rarely and use vegetables, legumes, whole foods and fruit instead. Here you will find Löwenanteil of vegan ready meals that are prepared in just 3 minutes and strengthen your body with valuable ingredients. 

Antioxidants for psoriasis

Antioxidants are important substances for our body that protect against free radicals, so they are generally healthy for us. These are contained, for example, in superfoods and in general in many plant-based foods. It is assumed that antioxidants also have a positive effect on psoriasis.

The importance of being overweight in psoriasis

In most cases, it is not just the occurrence of psoriasis, but other ailments, such as metabolic and cardiovascular diseases or diabetes or high blood pressure. This can also be prevented with a good diet. In any case, it is worth changing your diet - the complexion usually improves after just a few weeks and the symptoms subside.

Foods that can make psoriasis worse

Below we list a few foods that can have a negative effect on psoriasis. These are:

  •       Foods that increase uric acid, such as asparagus or offal
  •       Foods with arachidonic acid such as meat, sausage, eggs, butter, cream, etc.
  •       alcohol
  •       sugar
  •       citrus fruits
  •       junk food

Foods that have a soothing effect on psoriasis are

  •       Foods with a high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids from oily sea fish, hemp seeds, linseed, chia seeds
  •       Oils such as olive oil, linseed oil, hemp oil
  •       whole grain products
  •       Alkaline herbs such as nettle, horsetail and thyme
  •       Fruits and vegetables that are high in beta-carotene
  •       Drink at least 2 liters of liquids daily, ideally tap water, still mineral water or unsweetened tea

Alcohol and cigarettes for psoriasis

It is best to avoid stimulants such as cigarettes and alcohol altogether. Studies have shown that completely avoiding alcohol leads to a significant improvement in psoriasis. When consuming alcohol, histamine is released and can thereby increase the skin problems that occur. Avoiding alcohol is generally recommended, but especially during a flare-up.

The same applies to tobacco. This could even be a trigger for the occurrence of psoriasis.

A few nutritional tips for everyday life with psoriasis

Below are a few tips that can make your life with psoriasis much easier if you follow them to the greatest possible extent.

  1. Eat a low calorie diet
  2. Get enough exercise and/or exercise for your physical well-being
  3. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet often
  4. Refrain from alcohol
  5. Give up nicotine
  6. If you have to take medication, be aware of any interactions with nutrients

Is an alkaline diet suitable for psoriasis?

In any case, it's a good idea to try an alkaline diet. In the case of psoriasis, it is often recommended to follow an alkaline diet. In many clinics specializing in psoriasis, this is a promising approach to achieving improvement in affected patients. 

Gluten-free diet for psoriasis

You can also try eating gluten-free for a period of 4 to 6 months . Studies show at least the beginnings that a gluten-free diet can have a positive effect on psoriasis. You do without wheat, spelt, rye and barley and replace them with gluten-free flours or pseudo-cereals such as quinoa, amaranth, millet etc.

How about a vegetarian or vegan diet?

Both diets can have a positive effect on psoriasis, especially since it is known that animal products such as meat and sausages are not beneficial, quite the opposite. It can also make sense to give up milk for a while, as it often causes skin problems, allergies or the like. Instead, you can switch to soy, oats, almonds, millet or coconut milk.

Anyone who eats a vegan diet can have a positive effect on psoriasis, but should make sure that they consume sufficient amounts of omega 3 in the form of hemp and flaxseed and also supplement with B12.

Organic ready meals without unnecessary additives - healthy, wholesome, delicious

Ready meals can also be on the table if you have psoriasis – quality and content are decisive. At you can get delicious, healthy and protein-rich ready meals that taste just as good as freshly cooked. Most of them are vegan, all of them last for at least a year and provide you with important nutrients and vitamins. Only selected ingredients go into the glass and the dishes taste just as good on their own as they do with rice, potatoes, cereals or pseudo-cereals.

Diet for psoriasis: you should pay attention to this


What should be avoided in psoriasis?

Avoid foods that promote inflammation. This is the case with many animal products due to the arachidonic acid they contain.

Can you drink alcohol with psoriasis?

It is better to avoid alcohol altogether if you suffer from psoriasis. 

Is it important to watch your weight with psoriasis?

Yes. With a normal weight, there are fewer other unpleasant concomitant diseases that psoriasis can bring with it.