Healthy Eating: Are Ready Meals Healthy?

We have long been concerned with the question to what extent a healthy diet with ready meals is possible. Ready meals often have a good reputation. But why is that? Are ready meals even healthy? You can read the answers below.

How do I recognize healthy ready meals?

The advantage of ready meals is obvious: they are quick and easy to buy and prepare. But how do I know if they are suitable for a healthy diet?
By far the most important factors are the ingredients contained, as well as their quality and origin. Most ready meals contain unhealthy fats and added sugars to make them taste good, and are preserved and edible with preservatives and artificial additives. There is often a lack of important vegetable fats, fiber and high-quality proteins. A look at the back of the product reveals 80% of the truth. In the best case, the list of ingredients is understandable without Google research.

What is the difference between healthy and unhealthy ready meals?
In short: everything. Starting with the composition of the ingredients, a good ready meal should use high-quality foods such as vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds or lean meat and be free of all artificial additives and added sugars. The origin of the food also plays an important role here. In the best case, only organic food is used. This ensures, among other things, that meat does not come from extreme factory farming, that the animals have not been exposed to an overdose of antibiotics and that vegetables are not genetically modified. In addition, organic food has been shown to have e.g. higher vitamin levels.
Another important factor is the preparation of the ready meal. Healthy ready meals are carefully cooked based on the respective properties of a food and preserved in a natural way. However, most ready meals are produced as cheaply as possible and are durable thanks to the use of preservatives. This should definitely be avoided for a healthy diet.
When it comes to nutritional values, you should pay attention to a high protein content with a moderate fat content. Good proteins help to build and maintain muscle mass and healthy fats from plant sources are very important for a healthy body.
Ready meals can be healthy. The comparison shows that.

preservatives and artificial additives
Discount meat from factory farming
Genetically modified foods
Added sugar
Unhealthy trans fats
Durability through additives

100% natural foods
Organic meat from sustainable animal husbandry
Organically grown food
No added sugar
Healthy vegetable fats and fiber
Non-refrigerated shelf life thanks to a gentle process
Study : Ready meals increase the risk of cancer?

Brazilian and French researchers conducted an 18-year study to see if there was a link between how processed food was and an increased risk of cancer. Particularly highly processed ready meals were examined. Around 105,000 participants took part in this study.

Highly processed foods increase the risk of cancer!

Analyzing the data, the scientists found that a diet containing 10% highly processed foods increased the study participants' overall cancer risk by 12%. The results on highly processed ready meals are due, among other things, to a high fat content, particularly saturated fatty acids, added sugar and a low fiber content.
Previous cohort studies have already shown a link between highly processed foods and obesity and hypertension.

No connection with little processed foods!

When examining less processed foods, the all-clear could be given: There was no connection to an increased risk of cancer.
For healthy ready meals, the decisive factors are which foods are used and how good their quality is. Ready meals in the discounter area often have properties that increase the risk of cancer. A look at the list of ingredients, the nutritional information and the origin of the food is therefore advisable and can avoid health risks.

We produce gently and organically.

Our healthy ready meals are made from 100% natural organic ingredients. All foods used are carefully selected to positively influence the health of our customers. We combine healthy vegetable fat sources, a combination of good carbohydrates with a high fiber content and high-quality proteins with a high biological value. We completely avoid added sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is important to us to offer our customers healthy ready meals that provide significant support in achieving both physical and health goals.

100% natural foods
Healthy Fats
No added sugar
Lots of fiber