Keep good intentions long-term? How to do it!

Regardless of whether you give a lot or little to “good resolutions”, most of us spend a second or two thinking about how the past year went and what the next year might be like.

What was good last year? What could be better or different this year? The turn of the year is only the dawn of a new day and yet it encourages us to reflect and stimulates our ambition to do things differently in the future or to tackle something new.

This article is about how you can pursue your goals without running out of breath at the end of February. In order to achieve this, your resolutions must be formulated correctly in order to arm them against any weak points.

I researched the most popular resolutions of the past year for you. You will definitely identify with some or all of them.

The most popular resolutions for 2019 were:

  1. Avoid or reduce stress
  2. More time for family/friends
  3. Move more / exercise more
  4. More time for yourself
  5. Eat healthier
  6. Decrease

What do these resolutions have in common?

All of these resolutions share the common goal of paying more attention to yourself and your loved ones, and being more mindful of your body and mind.

In terms of content, these are quite strong, reasonable and sustainable goals.

However, all the resolutions listed here are vague and unspecifically formulated. They are not suitable as goals if we do not make their achievement measurable.

Be SMART when finding your goals!

Regardless of whether it is about your sporting success, healthy nutrition in everyday life or reducing stress, you should always choose and formulate your goals SMART .

S pecific – Do you want to eat healthier? what does that mean to you? The reduction of sweets and fast food? Eat more fiber and more protein? The more specific you become, the more tangible your goal becomes.

Measurable – Do you want to lose weight? Be specific – how much weight do you want to lose?

Attractive – It should be worth the effort for you! Only then are you motivated enough.

Realistic – It should be within a range that you can do. Aiming for 25 hours of exercise a week would not be the right goal if you have a job and/or a family.

T erminated – Set yourself a clear deadline. By when do you want to have achieved your goals? By when do you want certain measures to be implemented or integrated into your everyday life?

If you always stick to these criteria when thinking about your goals, you will be much more likely to achieve them.

Can we help you with this?

These six exemplary resolutions reflect very well what our goals are essentially about.

  • time for the important things
  • reduction of stress
  • Live more sporty and healthier

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lion salutes,


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