Our story: How it all began.

"We asked ourselves: why do you always have to choose between quality and quantity?" - Robin, co-founder

The Löwenanteil

The lion, donkey and fox made a bond and went hunting together. When they had made plenty of booty, the lion commanded the donkey to divide it among them. He made three equal parts and asked the lion to choose one of them himself. But then the lion got mad, tore the donkey and ordered the fox to share it. He now pushed almost all the booty together in a big heap and left only a few small pieces for himself. Then the lion smiled: "Hey, my dear, who really taught you to share?"

When we read this fable for the first time, we also had to smile. That seemed familiar to us, the fight for the biggest piece. Will the stronger then assert themselves or will the cleverer give in? We think it's more fun to get full without leaving the other person hungry. So we interpreted the fable of the Löwenanteil in our own way. The result: big meals for big eaters and those who will be. With us everyone gets enough and donkeys become more lions.
“We wanted to solve the issue of nutrition once and for all. Large portions, excellent quality and high convenience.” - Thomas, co-founder

The founders Robin Redelfs and Thomas Kley

The problem

It is now well known among athletes that training alone does not lead to targeted success. The other component is the one that is less fun for many and at the same time one that is often discussed: nutrition. Again and again one speaks of a 70/30 ratio, according to which 70% of success depends on nutrition. However, most of them only give the remaining 30% full commitment and absolute discipline. We also find out again and again: It never fails because of our workouts. We are particularly creative and committed there. But after a successful training then the usual question: "What am I actually eating today?". For co-founder Robin, our prime example of a lack of meal prep, this problem regularly led to makeshift solutions that made the entire team shake their heads. "How nice would it be to have the issue of nutrition solved once and for all?" we thought to ourselves.

The solution

It quickly became clear to us: In order for the issue of nutrition to really be solved for us, we would have to succeed in combining three components: quality, quantity and convenience. That's why we made a conscious decision to use organic quality and 100% natural ingredients from day one. No chemistry, no added sugar, no bullshit. At the same time, our product had to meet the high calorie requirements of active people. So we deliberately developed the largest portions of the market that really fill you up. A combination of quantity and quality alone wasn't worth much to us if convenience weren't given at the same time. We had had too many bad experiences with impractical products with a short shelf life. The topic of cooling was an unnecessary evil for us, which we wanted to eliminate. We ordered a pair of white coats and dived into the depths of product development for 12 months. Together with our top organic chef, we managed to create the problem solver that we were longing for so much. The result: Insanely delicious, hearty organic dishes with top nutritional values ​​that can be kept unrefrigerated for over a year. Real filler for every everyday situation.