Recipes for muscle building - this is how you promote muscle building

Recipes for muscle building - this is how you promote muscle building

If you want to build muscle, you need the right nutrients. Your body can only perform well with the right nutrition. In addition, a good and balanced sports diet helps you to regenerate better after training. Below you will find some good and tasty recipes for building muscle.

What exactly does it take to build muscle?

Two components are particularly important for building muscles. On the one hand, which should be well known to every athlete, is the protein, i.e. protein.

But what is also important and often forgotten are carbohydrates. To demonize this in principle, as is unfortunately often the case, is simply wrong. Because the body gets energy from carbohydrates. But it depends on what kind of carbohydrates you consume. There are significant differences.

Empty and worthless carbohydrates are those found in white bread, white pasta, white rice, sweets, cakes and white flour products. These are rightly demonized because they are not good for the body from a nutritional point of view. You quickly gain energy from it, but the blood sugar level then drops just as quickly and does not remain at a high level. In addition, empty carbohydrates do not fill you up.

So when it comes to good sports nutrition, pay attention to high-quality carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grain products, legumes and vegetables, and also to an intake of sufficient protein.

Vegetable or animal proteins?

When people talk about protein, most people immediately think of a schnitzel or dairy products. Not only animal foods contain important proteins, but also vegetable ones. And how! What is often forgotten is the importance of legumes. Peas, lentils, chickpeas and co. are extremely versatile and true protein bombs. You can also cover your proteins from plants. Whole grain rice, pseudocereals such as amaranth and quinoa are also high in protein, and almost every vegetable contains proteins, although not quite as much. Nuts and seeds also contain a lot of valuable protein.

However, animal foods also contain a great deal of protein, above all dairy products such as quark, yoghurt, buttermilk, cheese, but of course also salmon, chicken, etc.

Legumes in Ready Meals - Quality carbohydrates at the Löwenanteil

We love legumes. Lentils, peas and chickpeas are a great source of protein and, if prepared correctly, taste super delicious. That's why we use them, for example, in our chickpea curry , chili and in our mountain lentil stew .

Recipes for sufficient protein

A protein shake provides you with important proteins quickly, but in the long run it gets boring at some point. Such a shake is very practical for the times between training sessions, but of course you can also make sure that you have enough high-quality proteins at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For a balanced diet, here are simple muscle building recipes.

Lentil pasta with feta cheese and tomatoes

Try pasta made from lentils or chickpeas instead of durum wheat. These contain fewer carbohydrates, but lots of high-quality protein.

  • 150 grams of pasta
  • 100 g feta cheese
  • Small Tomatoes
  • 1 onion

Cook the noodles as directed on the package. Dice the onion, fry in a little oil until translucent, add the halved or quartered tomatoes. Steam briefly.

Then add to the pasta and top with the diced feta cheese. Season with salt, pepper and herbs to taste.

Buddha Bowl

A bowl is great for using up leftovers, but also for a varied and healthy diet. In addition, you can always reassemble and vary a bowl. There is always plenty of variety on the plate. 

  • 100 g chickpeas or soybeans, cooked and briefly fried if necessary
  • avocado
  • rice or quinoa
  • spinach
  • Sweet potato wedges, alternatively rice noodles
  • Grated carrot

Prepare fries or potato wedges from the sweet potatoes. With a little oil you can fry them in the deep fryer or in the oven until crispy.

Arrange everything in a bowl and serve with a sauce made from yoghurt with herbs, salt and pepper.

Chicken wraps

Wraps are also ideal for creating new things over and over again, and you can also take them with you. 

You need

  • 1 wrap
  • Some cream cheese or cottage cheese for spreading
  • Fried chicken breast or smoked chicken breast slices, alternatively tofu
  • vegetable strips
  • A few lettuce leaves  

Fill the wrap with the ingredients and fold up.

Hearty omelette for breakfast

With an omelette you have a real protein kick in the morning.

you need for that

  • 4 eggs
  • ½ onion
  • Vegetables such as zucchini, mushrooms, peppers, eggplant in cubes
  • Some oil
  • Grated mozzarella

Whisk the eggs with some milk. First put the chopped vegetables in the pan, add a little salt and fry everything at high temperature. Then add the eggs, season with salt and pepper and finally pour the mozzarella over it.

Lots of protein, quickly on the plate - ready meals by the Löwenanteil

Should it go even faster? Our dishes are full of proteins and complex carbohydrates. If you don't have time for shopping or cooking, then our dishes are the perfect alternative without having to compromise on sports nutrition. In practice, you can store the ready-to -eat meals from Löwenshare in our storage jars for over a year and prepare them within 3 minutes if necessary. Tastes freshly cooked!

Quinoa salad with chicken

This cold meal is very filling and also very healthy.  

  • 100g quinoa
  • 1 chicken breast, alternatively tofu
  • ¼ cucumber
  • A few cherry tomatoes
  • 1 piece of pepper
  • ½ onion  

Cook the quinoa as directed on the package. Fry the finely chopped meat in a pan with a little fat.

Cut the vegetables into small pieces and add them raw to the quinoa with a little lemon juice.

Serve the quinoa mix with the chicken.

Porridge with amaranth

How about a porridge with amaranth instead of oatmeal? 

  • 100 g amaranth
  • 200 ml oat milk
  • 1 apple or other fruit
  • Chopped walnuts/other nuts
  • 2 tbsp dried cranberries or other dried fruit  

Cook the amaranth with the oat milk for about 25 minutes. Add more liquid if necessary. Fold in the chopped apple about 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time. Garnish with nuts and dried fruit.

Chickpea curry with fake rice

This is how you really refresh our popular chickpea curry.

you need for that

  • ½ can Löwenanteil chickpea curry
  • ¼ cauliflower, about two handfuls of florets, depending on size
  • As well as salt, pepper, oil and soy sauce

Wash the cauliflower and separate the florets. Then grate the cauliflower with either a kitchen grater or food processor until the florets look like rice. It also works very well with an electric onion slicer. Put some oil in a pan and briefly sauté the cauliflower. Reduce the heat and season the cauliflower with salt, pepper and a small dash of soy sauce, put the lid on the pan and cook the florets in their own steam for a few minutes. Meanwhile, heat the chickpea curry. As soon as this is ready, both can be served on a plate or in a bowl and enjoyed.

Tuna Bean Salad

The salad is prepared in no time and tastes great.

you need for that

  • A can of tuna
  • White beans or edamame
  • Some feta
  • A few artichoke hearts
  • As well as salt, pepper, herbs, vinegar and oil for the sauce.

Mix all the ingredients and serve with the salad dressing.

Chickpea hummus with vegetable sticks or falafel

Hummus is a real classic from oriental cuisine. It tastes great, is quick and goes with many things. You can serve it as a dip with vegetable sticks or with falafel balls.  

  • 1 glass or can of chickpeas (also tastes great with white beans)
  • Some lemon juice
  • garlic
  • Salt
  • Some sesame butter / tahini
  • Little water
  • A pack of falafel mix if required

Puree all ingredients in a high-performance blender to a creamy mass and season well.

bean burger

How about homemade burgers that are not made from meat but from red kidney beans? They are also full of high-quality proteins.

For burger patties you need:  

  • 1 can of kidney beans with a drained weight of 250 g
  • 60 g tender oat flakes
  • 1 small onion chopped
  • 25 grams of flour
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • Some oil for frying
  • Soy sauce
  • Mustard
  • vegetable broth
  • Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Salt

In a pan, sauté the onions with the garlic. In a bowl, lightly mash the beans with a fork. Add the remaining ingredients and knead the mass well. Put the dough in the fridge for a couple of hours and shape into patties and fry over a low heat.


Which muscle building recipes are helpful?

Recipes that include protein help build muscle.


Are carbohydrates important for athletes?

Yes, carbohydrates give the body energy.


Are Animal or Plant Proteins Better?

Both are of equal value, and many plants also contain high-quality proteins.