Why we love legumes!

Why legumes?

They are delicious. They are filling. They are healthy: Legumes are getting more and more attention - rightly so!

In the past, beans, lentils and the like were primarily known as sources of protein for sports-loving vegetarians. But there is much more to the small legumes. Because: Several studies show that legumes prevent heart and intestinal diseases, help with obesity and can even reduce the risk of death.

No wonder, then, that legumes form the basis of all our dishes: beans in chili, chickpeas in curry, lentils in stew... The possible uses are as varied as legumes themselves. Did you know, for example, that peanuts, lupins or peas also belong to legumes ?

Not only diverse and delicious - but also filling and extremely healthy. If that's no reason to take a closer look at beans, lentils and the like, is it?

Fiber Bombs

Legumes are richer in fiber than almost any other food. These are long-chain, indigestible carbohydrates. They add volume to your meal, 'diluting' the energy content of the food. They also reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes and ensure that your blood sugar level remains stable. Goodbye cravings!


The result: the feeling of satiety sets in more quickly, the chyme stays in the intestines for less time - and even carcinogenic substances don't have long to come into contact with the intestinal mucosa.

In addition, several studies show that legumes lower cholesterol levels. They bind bile acid in the digestive tract, for the production of which cholesterol must be used. Ergo, more cholesterol is used from the body to produce 'new' bile acid.

protein power

Advantage no. 2: Legumes are THE source of vegetable protein. Do you want to build muscle? Then get your hands on beans, lentils, peas and more! According to the DGE, the recommended protein intake is 0.8g / kg body weight, for athletes it is slightly higher.

So eat dishes with lentils (23.5g protein / 100g), chickpeas (19g protein / 100g) or kidney beans (24g protein / 100g) more often. In this way, you not only keep your blood sugar level constant, but also cover your protein requirements at the same time.

Do you want to convince yourself of the power of legumes? Then try a portion of our lentils à la Provence . They provide you with a lot of roughage, over 30g of proteins - and support your muscle building, your immune system as well as skin and hair.

Legumes to build muscle

Live longer thanks to legumes?

Of course, a long life depends on many factors. You won't live to be 100 just because you eat beans every day. But (!) it has been proven that legumes are good for the heart: According to a study by the British Medical Journal, just 7g of legumes per day reduces the risk of heart disease by 9%.

In addition, in another study by the WHO , legumes are associated with long-lived dietary cultures: According to the study, participants who live in countries where many legumes are consumed live longer.

The result: if the bean intake is increased by 20g per day, the risk of death decreases by a full 8%.

What do we learn from this? We could try to live a little more like the Japanese, Swedes and Greeks - on average, they reach for tofu, white beans or lentils more often than we do.

True all-rounders

As you can see, legumes are an absolute win in every respect and are no longer just plant-based protein alternatives. They fill you up for a long time, ensure a balanced blood sugar level and prevent diseases.

Our ready meals are ideal for just that. Prepared in three minutes, they provide you with a full load of protein and fiber: creamy chickpea curry , delicious mountain lentil stew or spicy chili vegano ... Feel free to try them out and find your favorite legumes: delicious, filling, healthy.