Our organic ready meals

Discover our delicious organic ready meals!
Made from 100% natural ingredients and rich in protein.
Can be kept for over 1 year & ready in just 3 minutes!


Sweet Chili

From €7,99

Chili Vegano

From €7,99

Italian bean stew

From €7,99

Chipotle Chili

From €7,99

African Bowl

From €7,99


With our advantage packages you get our popular ready meals at a bargain price and don't have to worry about your lunch anymore.

Tasting package

€87,89 €95,88

Vegan Special

€87,89 €95,88

storage pack

€129,99 €143,82

Mix & Match

ab €47,94

side dishes & snacks

Our organic basmati rice and organic quinoa are the perfect side dishes for our ready meals. With our delicious Snack Balls, we also offer you a healthy treat for in between meals.

gift box

From €26,99