How we donated 100,000 meals in one year

People living in Germany are for the most part in a comfortable situation. We can eat what we feel like and even make sure to follow a certain diet. We can afford financially to consume only high-quality food. Unfortunately, in many places around the world, this is not the case. One such place is Burundi in East Africa. Civil wars and politically motivated disputes cause regular turmoil and poverty.

More than three million inhabitants of Burundi suffer from malnutrition. That is almost one third of the population. Children, of all people, are particularly affected. Many of them cannot attend school because they are too weak for the often arduous journey to school. Other children have to help out on their parents' farm at an early age and therefore do not receive an education. This creates a tragic vicious circle that keeps the level of education in Burundi constantly low. Attending school would bring the children even more than the chance of education.

School canteens satisfy hunger and increase school enrollment in Burundi

A single hot meal a day ensures that children attend schools in Burundi more regularly. Because the meals include locally grown vegetables, the students absorb important nutrients. As a result, they are healthier and have more energy for the strenuous journey to school. Almost 100,000 children now receive a healthy and energy-giving meal every day. Welthungerhilfe, among others, ensures this. Thanks to this commitment, the school enrollment rate in Burundi has already increased significantly. Numerous donations ensure that more and more schools in the East African country operate a canteen and can thus offer the children a warm meal every day.

In addition, the nationwide school canteens are an opportunity for parents to get involved. They help out in the canteens or tend the many school gardens where much of the food is grown. Through this work, they learn about modern growing and irrigation methods, and actively engage with the topic of nutrition. The parents take this knowledge home with them and apply it in their environment. In this way, families in Burundi also have a more balanced diet in their private lives and promote their own food cultivation.

Löwenanteil and the school canteen project

In order to sustainably improve the nutrition and hygiene of students in Burundi, Welthungerhilfe launched the "School Canteen" project in 2019. As part of this campaign, latrines and rainwater tanks could be installed, enabling the simplest hygiene measures such as regular hand washing. This alone means that the children are much less likely to fall ill. These hygienic practices are also slowly making their way into the families' homes. The project also helps small farmers to produce seeds. In the process, they are taught contemporary and gentle cultivation methods. In this way, healthy and balanced meals can be prepared for the students on a daily basis.

For Löwenanteil, healthy nutrition is a matter of the heart that we want to make possible for everyone. That is why we decided a year ago to actively participate in the Welthungerhilfe "School Canteen" project. Our donations are used for all of the above measures and ultimately ensure that malnourished children receive one warm meal a day.

We set ourselves the goal of donating 100,000 meals within a year, and with your help, we have indeed achieved it! We are so happy and proud that we could make a real difference and support Burundi in a sustainable way.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our goal by purchasing our products.

Robin & Thomas,
Founders of Löwenanteil