Flexitarianism - free pass or advantageous diet?

We live in an age where every lifestyle, every preference, and almost every habit has a name. For example, flexitarianism describes a diet that allows occasional meat and fish consumption - but is otherwise vegetarian or vegan. Within the last few years, flexitarianism has grown into a real hype and today enjoys numerous supporters. In Germany, too, there are more and more flexitarians who consciously consume animal products, but do not want to do without them completely. It is clear that the flexible diet and the associated moderate meat consumption has numerous health benefits. But like all diets, flexitarianism is not entirely undisputed. We have highlighted the topic for you.

Flexitarian definition - what can I eat?

Certain diets and diets are quite strict and restrictive. Flexitarianism offers a comparatively relaxed alternative here. For example, flexitarianism does not ban any food completely. Rather, it is about consciously consuming different foods. Flexitarians are mostly vegetarian or vegan, but occasionally eat animal products. The habit of eating a completely vegetarian or vegan diet during the week and consuming certain animal products at the weekend is widespread. Here, too, the conscious consumption of meat, fish, eggs or dairy products should be in the foreground. Flexitarianism doesn't mean giving up during the week just to indulge your animal cravings at the weekend.


In the context of flexitarianism, the conscious consumption of animal products also goes hand in hand with a certain demand for quality. When selecting animal products, one should pay attention to criteria such as species-appropriate husbandry or the avoidance of antibiotics. With plant-based foods, for example, care should be taken to ensure that the manufacturer does not use any chemicals to grow and protect the plants. The European or German organic seal, which can be found on thousands of foods today, guarantees a minimum ecological standard. All in all, flexitarianism is more about recommendations and guidelines than hard regulations. This relaxed handling appeals to many people who don't feel like "going without" - but still want to eat consciously. The bottom line is that every flexitarian is free to fine-tune his or her diet. This freedom of choice is also one of the reasons why the flexible diet is becoming more and more widespread in this country.

Flexitarianism can promote health

It's no secret that a plant-based diet can have numerous health benefits. By regularly consuming fruit, vegetables, nuts and whole grain products, you can not only cover your own nutritional needs, but also prevent diseases. Fiber, unsaturated fatty acids and secondary plant substances reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and a stroke. Other positive health consequences of such a diet are low blood pressure and low cholesterol levels. Fiber in particular also ensures a healthy intestinal mucosa. This effect has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer.


As a flexitarian, you should learn about plant-based nutrition and nutrients to reap these benefits. It is not enough to simply avoid animal products for a few days a week. Rather, it is about giving your body all the important nutrients it needs through a vegetarian or vegan diet. Lentils and chickpeas, which contain a high protein content, carbohydrates and important dietary fibers, are a plant-based miracle weapon. Unsaturated fatty acids provide you with nuts or avocados. In addition, vegetables such as broccoli or plant products such as tofu are recommended, as they provide your body with calcium and iron. You see, even with a comparatively liberal diet like flexitarianism, there are a few things to consider. If you do, you'll reap the health benefits outlined above.

Löwenanteil and flexitarianism

If you look at our healthy ready meals, you will notice their perfect suitability for a flexitarian diet. We offer both meat-based and purely plant-based meals. You can take these specifically throughout the week in order to perfectly control the ratio between animal and plant-based nutrition. We identify strongly with flexitarianism and believe that this way of eating can have real added value for health and environmental awareness. For us, nutrition goes hand in hand with flexibility and variety. That's why we offer ready meals , where meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians will find what they are looking for.

It is also clear that we have high quality standards for the preparation and ingredients of our ready meals. All of our dishes are made exclusively from high-quality organic products. We want to make it possible for people to easily integrate our products into their diet. It should not matter whether the person eats exclusively animal, plant-based or flexitarian food. Flexitarianism allows people to enjoy the health benefits of a plant-based diet without having to give up animal-based foods entirely. Therefore, in our opinion, flexitarianism has a right to exist in our society.

Different diets: Decide for yourself which one is right for you

There are so many different alternative diets out there. The renunciation of meat finds at least as many supporters as opponents. The great advantage of the vegetarian diet is that there are so many plant-based foods that prevent it from getting boring quickly, as the possible combinations are almost endless. Although there is no meat consumption with a vegetarian diet, you have less of the feeling that you really have to do without. However, healthy eating with meat is also very popular with fitness enthusiasts. But as with everything in life, mediocrity is usually the best idea when it comes to nutrition. Eating meat is not bad, but it shouldn't be eaten every day. Eating without meat can provide the body with all the important nutrients for a healthy and vital lifestyle just as well. So whether you decide to eat very little meat as a "weekend vegetarian" or whether the reasons for eating meat outweigh it, you can decide for yourself!

How does Löwenanteil support you with your diet?

Nutrition still plays a major role in our lives and is largely responsible for how we feel and how healthy we are. The right diet can have a positive effect on body and mind and help us to go through the day more harmoniously. But there is a problem: Our daily routine is usually so packed that between the hectic job, partner, friends and sport there is simply not enough time for elaborate cooking. That's why Löwenanteil offers ready meals that are 100% organic and provide your body with the best nutrients. Plus they taste really good! On average, the meal is ready after 90 seconds and can be spiced up at any time with organic basmati rice or organic quinoa . So you can stick to your daily routine without having to restrict yourself. But you don't have to do without healthy food!