Filler - eat less, but more in the stomach?

There is more to your dream figure than just regular exercise. A low-calorie diet plays at least as important a role in losing weight. You may have encountered the following dilemma before: You bought a lot of fruit and vegetables, which are undoubtedly healthy foods. But then your entire purchase is used up within a few days because you just can't get enough. You're plagued by cravings and desperately reaching for that last frozen pizza tucked away in the depths of your freezer. Not ideal for losing weight! How to lose weight without falling victim to these sneaky binges? So-called fillers are the answer. As the name suggests, foods in this classification satisfy your cravings and keep you full for a long time. At the same time, however, they are healthy and promote the honorable mission "Dream Figure 2020". You can find out here how low-calorie fillers - and by that we don't just mean vegetables - and which foods fall under this category.

Can the feeling of satiety be tricked with a satiating agent?

Good news first: both hunger and satiety can be specifically controlled with the right diet. But how does the well-known feeling of satiety actually arise? As you can imagine, our stomachs expand as we eat. This stretching releases hormones in the stomach wall. These transmit a message to our brain that it doesn't want to hear at all when it comes to particularly tasty food: Stop, I'm full! However, this transmission of stimuli lasts up to twenty minutes, which is known to be exploited by participants in eating contests who eat anything but low-calorie food. They stuff themselves full in exactly these twenty minutes and thus trick their brain to a certain extent - to the detriment of their health. Both hunger and the feeling of being full are also influenced by blood sugar levels. If this is particularly low, we feel hungry. With rising blood sugar levels, on the other hand, a feeling of satiety spreads. However, how long we are full then depends on the rise in blood sugar levels. Have you ever eaten a lot of sweets in a short period of time? You don't have to say anything now, we already know the answer. By consuming such a large amount of sugar, the blood sugar level rises rapidly, making us feel full. However, as we all know, that feeling of satiety doesn't always last long. This is exactly why sweets are anything but foods that fill you up for a long time. These ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety, although they contain far fewer calories than sweets.

What makes the Sattlers special?

Do you still remember that the feeling of satiety is triggered, among other things, by the stretching of our stomach? A corollary to this is that high-volume foods induce satiety faster than low-volume foods. If filling foods then still contain relatively calories and contain valuable nutrients - jackpot. Unfortunately, this is exactly the crux of many high-volume foods such as lettuce. This fills up quickly and fills you up, which is why it is the go-to food for millions of people who want to lose weight. However, lettuce and vegetables such as tomatoes or cucumbers are only partially suitable as a source of vitamins and certainly not as a supplier of energy, as they contain very few calories. Foods with a high protein and fiber content are much better suited. Think about it: what will be more filling and fill you up longer - 100 grams of iceberg lettuce, or 100 grams of kidney beans?

Dietary fibers are a real miracle weapon for losing weight because they expand in the stomach and thus cause a quick feeling of satiety. They are also excellent sources of vitamins and minerals and contain important vitamins. Protein-containing foods also deserve the classification as a satiating agent. Foods high in protein are relatively low in fat, with the exception of whey products. As a result, they contain comparatively few calories and are therefore suitable for losing weight. In addition, these foods are difficult for your body to process, which is why they are not only filling, but real fat burners. However, you should not rely exclusively on protein-rich food when losing weight, as these also provide only a few vitamins and minerals. So what kind of foods are the best fillers? For us, the answer is clear: a combination of fiber and protein. Foods that have this combination of nutrients are legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils. You can find many recipes on the internet that combine all these good foods. Potatoes and types of fruit such as apples or pears are also effective to fill you up, but they all contain almost no protein. One of the best filling foods with lots of protein and few calories is low-fat quark, for example, although the taste takes some getting used to for many people. But you are guaranteed to find recipes with few calories that fill you up and are delicious. Eating doesn't always have to be an ordeal or taste bland for you to lose weight!

Löwenanteil dishes are real filling foods

Our healthy ready meals are not only delicious, but also help you lose weight, among other things. That's why we use the best fillers for almost all of our dishes. Our Chick pea curry and the Lentils à la Provence combine the benefits of fiber with those of protein-rich foods.

Therefore, our recipes and dishes can rightly be declared as filling foods. We are convinced that filling and healthy foods should be an integral part of your diet - especially if you want to lose weight. Otherwise you risk the cravings described at the beginning, which is absolutely counterproductive, especially when losing weight. Today's routines are so busy that most people simply don't have the time to look for healthy recipes, shop for them and then prepare them in the kitchen in at least 30 minutes. Instead, many often eat "the quick snack" in between, which briefly fills them up. However, this feeling of satiety only lasts for a very short time and you quickly get hungry again. The dishes from Löwenzeile, on the other hand, provide the body with all the nutrients that are important for an active lifestyle and completely do without artificial additives. They contain a lot of protein, fiber and are 100% organic.