Healthy break bread: delicious ideas for the lunch box

Boredom in the lunch box doesn't have to be - children love it when they don't just get a carelessly filled sandwich to take to school or kindergarten, but it can also be a little more creative. If it's still healthy, so much the better. But it is well known that children are not always enthusiastic about healthy food - the same applies to children: the eye eats too! But not only for children, adults can also have a little variety and sophistication in the "lunch box".

A few tips in advance for the healthy and delicious sandwich

Various types of bread such as gray bread, brown bread or wholemeal bread add variety to the lunch box. It can also be a sandwich. The main thing is that the topping is not monotonous. Cheese, cold cuts, eggs and creamy spreads, topped with pepper strips or cucumber slices as the mood takes you, are popular. Herbs or lettuce leaves round off the whole thing. By the way, you shouldn't put too much topping on it, otherwise everything will fall off when you bite into it. The lunch break should not only be appetizing and attractive, but also practical.

In addition, a few small radishes, tomatoes, kohlrabi slices, other pieces of vegetables and/or fruit slices are allowed in the lunch box. It's best to keep everything separate so the bread doesn't get soggy.

Because you eat with your eyes, it looks appetizing when bread, sausage or cheese are shaped with cookie cutters. Also popular are small yoghurts, crispbread, muesli bars, nuts or dried fruit. But as an exception, it can also be a pancake or a piece of sponge cake.

It all depends on the lunch box!

When the child opens the lunch box, he often sees a sad picture: the whole content has got mixed up, the bread has been mashed, the topping has fallen off, the pieces of fruit are stuck to the bread somewhere.

To prevent this, it can make sense to invest in high-quality lunch boxes or bento boxes. The best are boxes that are divided into different compartments that are absolutely airtight. Then cut fruit or vegetables can be placed in the small compartments and the bread in the large compartment without everything mixing together in an unappetizing way.

So everything stays fresh and attractive - that is the basic requirement for the break sandwich to be eaten.

The ideal composition of the break bread

If the lunch break has the right composition, the child will not only feel full, but will also be provided with all the important nutrients. High-quality whole grain carbohydrates are always better than products made from light flour, which only fill you up for a short time and no longer contain any vitamins or nutrients.

The ideal composition is 55% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 30% healthy fats. The food should be high in fiber, i.e. the focus should be on whole grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts and dried fruit. But it doesn't hurt to put a few gummy bears or a small biscuit in the tin from time to time. And make sure you drink enough fluids.


Wraps are particularly popular with older children. The great thing about it: They can be creatively assigned again and again.

Recommended as a spread

  •       sour cream
  •       hummus
  •       guacamole

And as a topping

  •       Chickpeas
  •       Falafel
  •       Cheese
  •       vegetable strips
  •       lettuce leaves
  •       tomato slices
  •       Corn
  •       beans etc


A bagel can also be creatively topped and represents a welcome change from bread. Bagels go well with creamy cheese or vegetable spreads, along with sprouts or pieces of vegetables, and a sliced ​​egg can also be placed on top. The whole thing is rounded off with a lettuce leaf.


How about a burger for lunch? Unhealthy? Does not have to be. After all, the patty can easily be made at home.

Patties, for example, are suitable for this

- Oatmeal

- Buckwheat

- Vegetables

- Kidney beans

- Chickpeas

- green spelled patties etc.

A whole grain bun is ideal as a bun, with a little ketchup or mayonnaise, guacamole and, of course, vegetable strips and lettuce leaves or rocket as a topping.

bread skewers

Bread skewers are really eye candy!

In addition, they are quick to make. Cut wholemeal bread into cubes, cheese, peppers, carrots, cucumbers or other vegetables of your choice, and grapes and tangerines are also suitable for the skewers. Impale everything one after the other in alternation. The healthy and creative break snack is ready. 

Falafel balls

It doesn't always have to be meat, quite the opposite. Children usually love falafel balls warmly and deeply. They're fairly easy to make at home, but you can also buy them ready-made in the refrigerated section. This goes well with vegetables like

  •       broccoli
  •       tomatoes
  •       cucumbers
  •       paprika

and possibly some cheese or wholemeal bread.

vegetable sticks

Instead of fish fingers, vegetable fingers are a good choice and ideal for the lunch box. You can either make these yourself, but you can also buy them ready-made in the freezer. Fry briefly in the pan and add pieces of fruit and vegetables.

Snack Balls

It can also be something sweet. But if you want it to be more nutritious than gummy bears or buttery biscuits, then Löwenshare Snack Balls are ideal as an addition to the lunch box. These are available, for example, in the raspberry coconut variety or the classic cocoa. These contain valuable pea proteins, chopped almonds and have a sweet taste due to the added dates. Snack Balls are also ideal as a break snack at work.

Healthy break bread: delicious ideas for the lunch box

Bread with strawberry butter

Almost all children love strawberries. So why not try strawberries as a sandwich topping?

You will need some butter (or cream cheese), pureed strawberries and a little honey. Mix everything together and spread on wholemeal bread, cover with strawberry slices. Finished!

The Löwenanteil as a break snack

Löwenportion dishes are perfect for the break - either on their own or with a filling side dish such as rice or potatoes. They contain lots of protein and are made from healthy, organic ingredients. Most dishes from Löwenshare are vegan and all taste freshly cooked. They are also ideal for in-between lunches at university or at work.



What should be considered when choosing a healthy snack?

Sufficient protein, carbohydrates and high-quality fats should be included. 

What is the best way to transport healthy sandwiches?

Using a bento box or lunch box with separate compartments so ingredients don't mix. 

What is a healthy snack for the break?

Muesli bars, tomatoes, bananas, dried fruit or vegetable slices, but also wholemeal bread are healthy snacks.