Lose weight quickly - THAT really works in practice for many

Losing weight fast is a goal for many who feel like they're carrying a pound or two too many. So the question is: How can weight reduction be achieved in a short period of time? With which diet will the pounds tumble? Does a lightning diet do anything at all? Can the weight be maintained afterwards? 

Lose weight fast - is that possible?

It is definitely possible to lose weight quickly. Various diets promise full-bodied that a weight loss of several kilos per week is possible. In this respect, the dream goal of the ideal weight doesn't seem so far away, does it? Yes and no. What is certain is that it is actually quite easy to lose weight quickly. The problem: if you want to maintain this reduced weight over a longer period of time, it becomes difficult. In order to lose weight sustainably and permanently, for visual or health reasons, you should not resort to a crash diet.

If you lose weight quickly, you often have to struggle with the so-called yo-yo effect . That means: The pounds tumble in a relatively short time, the body switches to the back burner. He learns to get by with fewer calories and adapts to the emergency situation. Your metabolism slows down and the basal metabolic rate decreases. You automatically burn fewer calories. But what happens if you continue to eat as usual after the diet? This signals to the body: the phase of reduced food intake is over, now quickly draw all available energy from food and build up fat deposits in case there is another bottleneck. The result: you usually gain weight just as quickly as you lost it.

Is that your goal? Probably not. On the contrary, the yo-yo effect is a pretty frustrating side effect of various hit-and-run diets.

W hat else speaks against a crash diet?

When you go on a crash diet, you actually lose weight quickly. Unfortunately, it is not the love handles that are disappearing now, but rather water. In the first few days of the diet you will lose water and immediately after that your muscles will start to crumble. The body breaks down valuable muscle mass. In addition, there is a risk of nutrient deficiency with almost every quick-fix diet. The hormonal balance can get messed up if you eat too little.

To put it briefly: If you really want to lose weight sustainably, it's better to keep your hands off such diets. 

The basic rule for fast weight loss

There is one basic rule that will help you lose weight or a few pounds quickly. Your body gets less energy in the form of calories than it needs. So the calculation is quite simple: If you are in a daily calorie deficit, your body will lose weight.

You can achieve something with very simple diets such as "FdH" (eat half) or dinner canceling (omit dinner). Nevertheless, the be-all and end-all is a sustainable and healthy change in diet.

Löwenanteil dishes make it easier for you!

Integrating the meal planning of sustainably healthy meals into an already busy everyday life can be difficult. We are happy to support you! The Löwenanteil products combine all the advantages of ready meals with healthy nutrition. Doesn't match for you?

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Lose weight with or without exercise?

A question that plagues many people trying to lose weight is whether it is absolutely necessary to exercise in order to lose weight. In principle, it's not necessary - as you learned above, in theory, simply burning more calories than you eat is enough to lose weight. But again, it's not quite that simple.

Your body uses significantly more calories when it has more muscle mass. In this respect, it makes sense to support the weight reduction project with sport. If you have muscle, you burn more calories. So you're killing two birds with one stone. In addition, muscles are very effective in preventing as much fat from being deposited in the respective area. When you lose weight, the tissues become slack and the skin sags. You can also effectively counteract this with well-defined and trained muscles.

A few tips for losing weight fast

We have the following tips for you if you would like to lose weight quickly .

  1. Eat less empty carbs! This includes sugar, starch, white flour, etc. Because the empty carbohydrates drive the insulin level up quickly, but it drops just as quickly. High-quality carbohydrates from whole grains, vegetables, legumes, etc. are always better. They keep you full for much longer.
  2. Pay attention to the choice of drinks! You should not ignore this when dieting. It is best to avoid sugary drinks - including fruit juice spritzers. Water, lemon water or unsweetened tea is best. This can save you a significant amount of calories.
  3. Get enough sleep! In fact, the body loses weight during sleep - at least in theory. Because while you rest, it has enough time to burn fat cells. This goes against the weight loss. Too little sleep, it is believed, stands in the way of achieving an ideal weight.
  4. Drink enough! It goes without saying that you should drink a lot. But if you want to lose weight, you should drink even more than usual. The drink already provides the first feeling of satiety in the stomach.
  5. If possible no alcohol! If you want to lose weight, it is best to avoid alcohol largely or completely. Alcohol itself already has a lot of empty calories, often mixed with juices in cocktails or with sweet drinks, this effect is strengthened. For many, the consumption of alcohol also triggers a craving for fatty foods and is therefore an obstacle to losing weight.
  6. Move! Movement should be firmly integrated into your daily life and everyday life. In addition, you should exercise moderately.




How can you lose weigt in a small amount of time?

The basis for losing weight quickly is a healthy and balanced diet, which is not only followed during the diet, but also afterwards. 

How much weight can you lose in a week?

That is different. Some lose 1, some 3 kilos in a week. But keep in mind that you will only lose water in the first few days and then your body will break down muscles.

Does it make sense to avoid carbohydrates altogether?

Although low carb can help you lose weight, completely avoiding carbohydrates is not ideal. The body draws its energy from high-quality carbohydrates. With the Löwenanteil of the dishes, you are well supplied with high-quality carbohydrates.