Simply lose weight - why it really is SO easy

How to lose weight quickly and easily? A question that probably everyone who wants to lose weight asks. Many diets are expensive, you have to cook extra, get special ingredients, the preparation takes a lot of time or the diet is not compatible with everyday life. Therefore, when losing weight, the question is not only how to lose weight effectively and sustainably, but also how to lose weight as easily as possible.

Does it have to be the new XY diet, where you have to follow a lot of rules and buy exotic things? No, it doesn't have to be. There are definitely ways to lose weight the easy way too.

Lose weight simply by reducing the amount of calories

The easiest way to lose weight is to simply reduce the amount of calories. So much so that the bottom line is that you consume fewer calories than you expend. Sound complicated? But it is not. Admittedly, you have to know which food has how many calories, but if you study it and deal with it, it's not a problem.

Because the calculation is simple: If there is a calorie deficit , the body will lose weight, but if it is supplied with more calories than it needs, it will gain weight.

Löwenanteil makes it easier

But what if it still has to be done quickly? We all know it, going to the supermarket after work, finding recipes beforehand, chopping everything and then cooking - we would rather spend the time differently. Good that you can fall back on healthy ready-made products. At Löwenshare we only use 100% organic food of the highest quality in our products . Prepared by a top organic chef, it also tastes delicious and provides your body with everything it needs. Of course, without any added sugar or other additives.

The best thing about it: with the Löwenanteil you will finally be full and with manageable calories.

Simply lose weight with a different mindset when eating

Many do not even know exactly where the problems lie in their diet. Every one of us has them, the small nutritional sins. For one it's a bar of chocolate at lunchtime, for another it's chips in the evening, for the next it's fast food. Only when you recognize your weaknesses can you tackle them. You should also be aware of what exactly you are eating and where the calorie traps are lurking. Fats are often hidden in sauces, and there is often sugar in finished products of inferior quality. So make yourself more and more aware of what you eat and how much fat and sugar it contains. Being aware of what you eat is a good step in the right direction. 

Lose weight easily with intermittent fasting

While it may not be the perfect weight loss method for everyone, it's fairly easy to follow compared to some other diets and adaptable to almost any lifestyle. Intermittent fasting means that you set a specific period of time that you eat during the day and the rest of the hours you don't eat. The usual ratio is 16:8, which means you eat for 8 hours, and for the remaining 16 hours you don't eat anything, just non-calorie drinks. In everyday life, this means, for example, that you have breakfast at 11 a.m., lunch at 1 p.m. and dinner at 6 p.m. The period can be moved as you like, which is exactly what makes intermittent fasting so interesting. For some it is easier to skip dinner or eat very early in the evening, while others do not like to have breakfast that early in the morning anyway and postpone the time. Instead of the 16:8 method, 14:10 or 18:6 also works. You can keep it the way that suits you best.

You can also choose 6:1, which means you eat something 6 days a week and eat nothing on one day and only drink.

The advantage of interval fasting, also known as intermittent fasting , is that you are very flexible and don't have to do without everything you like.

A few tips for easy weight loss

If you just want to lose weight, you should take the following tips to heart, regardless of the diet or nutrition.

  • Eat a large, high-protein meal for breakfast
  • avoid sugary drinks
  • avoid alcohol
  • move as much as possible every day
  • do sports
  • choose whole foods
  • eat plenty of vegetables
  • supplement the diet with fruit
  • don't eat too much fat and if you do, then prefer high-quality, vegetable fats
  • avoid sugar as much as possible
  • get enough sleep at night
  • eat varied
  • consume animal foods in moderation
  • drink a lot and above all drink the right things
  • eat less fast food and unhealthy convenience foods
  • eat more slowly and chew enough



How to lose weight easily

The best way to lose weight is to keep a conscious eye on your diet and know your own nutritional sins. When you crave chips, ask yourself what nutrients your body is asking for. Unhealthy Fats? Or would you prefer an avocado with healthy fats? The Löwenanteil of dishes help you to rely on high-quality nutrients.

Do you have to exercise to lose weight?

It definitely makes sense, yes. Anyone who does sports ensures that the metabolism is boosted and those who have muscle mass generally break down fat faster.

Is it better to avoid sugar?

In any case, it can make sense to gradually reduce your sugar consumption drastically and switch to sugar substitutes or eat and drink less sweet food in general.