This is how you can have a quick lunch with little effort

Time-saving cooking and balanced meals are no longer a contradiction in terms. You don't have to put in a lot of effort to prepare a quick lunch and with the right preparation you still get a delicious and healthy meal. Whether it's for you alone or for the whole family, when your stomach is growling and your desk is full, a quick lunch that requires little effort offers several advantages. From the classic to the refined interpretation, it's easy to prepare a healthy and quick lunch if you follow a few tricks and use the right ingredients.

Fast and healthy lunch in the office

Especially in everyday work, there is often not much time left to put a lot of effort into tasting. Most of the time you just go to the canteen or the nearby snack bar for a quick lunch . However, this not only costs money, but often limits the choice. Even healthy and fresh ingredients are often looked for in vain for a quick "to go" lunch. The better option is therefore to prepare, fill a lunch box and take it to the office. With a few basic rules, you can easily and quickly prepare your lunch here. The most important thing is to provide your body with the most essential nutrients even with a quick lunch. This gives you enough energy for the rest of the working day and, with the right choice of ingredients, avoid later cravings.

You can prevent this, for example, with complex, long-chain carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grain products. They have the advantage of causing a long-lasting feeling of satiety and only slowly raising blood sugar levels. Another important building block is protein, which you can find in eggs, quark, lentils, chickpeas or cottage cheese, among other things, and which also has filling properties. Adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals are also important. After all, after a quick lunch, you want to remain efficient and fit for the rest of the day in the office. You get this from vegetables and fruit.

Quick lunch at the office

Staying physically and mentally active - quick lunch with a big impact

In the office, performance matters. Diet also contributes to this, because our brain consumes at least 20% of our body's energy. Therefore, it makes sense not to burden the organism too much with high-fat food, because they ensure that it has to work more. The result: motivation and concentration decrease. You can prevent this with a healthy lunch that is quickly prepared. Light and warm meals ensure that the body is not put under too much strain and provide it with everything it needs.

Vegetable pans with chicken, light soups or dishes with fish, for example, are suitable for preparing your lunch quickly and still eating healthy. They are uncomplicated and time-saving to prepare, can be easily stored in the refrigerator and quickly reheated and still taste delicious the next day.

Quickly prepare recipes for a healthy lunch

Even if it has to be quick, there are many ways to create a quick lunch based on a recipe. These include meat with vegetables or side dishes containing carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes or pasta. You can easily pre-cook the latter the night before for the next day or for several days. At work, you simply heat up your quick lunch and you have a meal that is as tasty as it is nutritious and requires little effort. Pasta, rice and co. are also particularly versatile and are ideal for a quick lunch . They can be used to conjure up a wide variety of casseroles, gratins or Indian dishes, which can also be varied again and again. In combination with vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini or broccoli, you get a delicious, quick and easy lunch that is guaranteed to never get boring.

Organic quality quick lunch

Organic food is trendy because awareness of sustainable nutrition, which consists of seasonal and sustainable products, has risen sharply in recent years. This form of nutrition is often associated with time-consuming cooking actions that require a lot of effort. However, this does not have to be the case, because even a quick lunch with organic ingredients is no longer a problem these days.

Since pretty much every supermarket now has an extensive range of organic products, you have a free choice here and you can get everything you need for a quick and healthy lunch, everywhere, also in the organic version. Whether lentils, chickpeas, rice or quinoa - all this forms the optimal basis for your healthy and quick lunch in organic quality. If you want to make it even easier for yourself, grab our high-quality ready meals for your quick lunch , which come from strictly organic farming.

Quick organic lunch

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Quick and easy lunch with canned goods and quality ready meals

Ready meals and healthy food don't go together? Not even close! If you pay attention to quality, you will also find wholesome meals in canned goods and completely prepared dishes from the jar, which are ideal for a quick lunch . Here it depends on the ingredients and ingredients. Organic foods, meals with a high protein content or foods that are high in fiber and enriched with healthy fats can also be found in ready-made versions. Here you can access without hesitation to make your quick lunch healthy. The advantage: The preparation effort is reduced to an absolute minimum, because the dishes do not have to be pre-cooked. You even save yourself the storage box - it couldn't be more uncomplicated.

Even canned ingredients are often much better than their reputation. You can make many quick lunch recipes with canned tomatoes or beans. They are suitable for delicious pasta dishes, form the basis for tasty and filling soups or refine exotic rice dishes and hearty casseroles. These dishes can also be pre-cooked in large quantities, so that you have a good and quick lunch for several days .

Quick lunch in the vegetarian version

Vegetarian cuisine is ideal for healthy meals that do not require much effort and are a quick and easy lunch. Here you can take advantage of the enormous variety of vegetables. Pointed cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower or kohlrabi are just as healthy a filler as peppers, pumpkins, carrots, tomatoes or aubergines. Vegetables have an enormous variety of flavors, which is why there is something for almost everyone. It also provides your body with many important nutrients and vitamins. So it acts as a real superfood for your quick lunch .

Asian dishes in particular can be supplemented with tofu, which is made from soybeans and has a high protein content. Feta or olives are also great for quickly and easily transforming lunch into a delicious, filling and healthy meal, and can be excellently pre-cooked as part of meal prepping so that you can simply heat them up in the microwave in the office the next day.

Meat and fish for a quick and healthy lunch

The recipes for your quick lunch , which are animal-based and require only a short preparation time, include, for example - the name already suggests it - the popular minute steaks. The all-rounder from the pan is ready in no time and simply tastes delicious with a side dish of potatoes or vegetables. Minced meat is also a great flavor carrier for a quick lunch and is just as good in stir-fries as it is in meatballs, in hearty casseroles or with pasta. An absolute classic among the quick meat dishes with minced meat is the popular Chili con Carne , which you can pre-cook in large quantities, freeze and then thaw in portions.

Chili con carne for a quick lunch

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Fish, which contains valuable omega-3 fatty acids, is also very tasty and extremely healthy. They have a positive effect on your cardiovascular system, lower blood pressure and prevent inflammation. Therefore, fish dishes should ideally be on your list for a quick lunch . But they are not only convincing because of their healthy properties, because fish has an extremely short cooking time and, with the right recipe for your lunch, succeeds even with little experience. Salmon, trout, shrimp or cod are ideal components for your time-saving everyday kitchen. Refined with various herbs and supplemented with vegetables or carbohydrate side dishes, you can conjure up a delicious, quick lunch in no time at all . Tip: It is best to prepare the fish on the day you bought it and then freeze it. For a quick lunch , simply thaw the frozen meal in the fridge and then reheat it. The fish dish tastes freshly prepared.

Quick recipes for lunch with fruit

Not only vegetables or meat, but also fruit is an ideal component for a quick lunch . Especially in summer, many people don't feel like eating hot or heavy meals at all and prefer cold dishes. It offers numerous suggestions for a quick and tasty meal. A great option for light summer cooking is, for example, fruity fruit salads, which you can refine very well with yoghurt or quark. Tangerines, pineapple, mango or berries are also very good in a green salad. Fruit provides a variety of vitamins and minerals for your health.

Quick lunch of noodles and pasta

Pasta of various types is particularly popular for cooking a quick lunch . In addition, pasta in its numerous forms tastes good for almost everyone and is equally popular with young and old. There is a large selection of variants of the Italian classic. From the typical spaghetti to tagliatelle or penne to filled tortellini and ravioli as well as cheese spaetzle, the pasta dishes cover an almost endless culinary spectrum. If you want to prepare lunch quickly and have little cooking experience, you are also well advised to use pasta, because everyone can do it. Not only the Italian, but also the Asian cuisine with its spicy characteristics contains many suggestions for pasta dishes. They are prepared in the wok and represent a refined and exotic alternative to Italian pasta dishes. Another classic, which is particularly popular at parties, but is also suitable as an idea for a quick lunch and for using up leftovers, is the pasta salad. Its advantage: The possible variations are almost endless and there are no limits to your imagination when choosing the ingredients - whatever tastes good is allowed.

Fast tortellini

Prepare your lunch quickly and easily with quality content

In order to implement recipes for lunch quickly and without much effort, extensive cooking experience is often not necessary. Oven or pan dishes in particular are considered to be almost guaranteed to succeed and create great opportunities for beginners to cook a quick lunch themselves. The quality of the ingredients is important here. With food from organic farming, you are on the safe side and can be sure that your quick lunch will not only taste good, but also in terms of healthy ingredients across the board. So, even if you don't have much time to cook, you can be sure that you're doing something good for yourself with a quick, healthy meal.

Varied and creative: a quick lunch for every occasion

Whether in the office, for the home office or if you generally want to be quick: There are numerous ideas and suggestions for a quick lunch based on a recipe, regardless of whether you are a professional cook or a beginner. If you want to make things extra easy while still getting all the essential organic nutrients your body needs, our ready meals are a great option for cooking a quick lunch while staying healthy. Ingredients such as chickpeas or lentils provide the necessary amount of protein and keep you full for a long time. Our creations also contain valuable vitamins as well as fiber and minerals. For a quick lunch , try our delicious chickpea curry , for example with basmati rice or organic quinoa , the superfood from the Andes. This gives you exactly the power boost you need to stay focused and productive for the rest of the workday.