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Discover our delicious organic ready meals!
Made from 100% natural ingredients and rich in protein.
Keeps for over 1 year & ready in just 3 minutes!


Vegan goulash

From €7,99

Lentils Dal

From €7,99

Peanut curry

From €7,99

Chipotle Chili

From €7,99

Chili Vegano

From €7,99

Italian bean stew

From €7,99

Piri Piri Stew

From €7,99

Sweet Chili

From €7,99

African Bowl

From €7,99

Soja Sesam Chunks

From €6,99


With our value packs, you get our popular ready meals at a low price and no longer have to worry about your lunch.

Tasting package

Das perfekte Bundle zum Probieren, Genießen und Favoriten finden.
€85,89 €92,88

Vegan Special

Endlich satt werden, mit ausgewählten veganen Bio-Gerichten.
€85,89 €92,88

storage pack

Das große Rundum-Sorglos-Paket für Löwenanteil Liebhaber.
€139,99 €153,80

Chunky Bowls Probierbox

Mehr Abwechslung? Unsere Chunky Bowls mit saftigen Stückchen.
€39,99 €41,94

Mix & Match

Wie es dir gefällt! Stell dir dein eigenes Bundle als 6er, 12er oder 18er Pack zusammen
ab €41,94
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Our ready meals taste just like home-cooked!

Do you know the feeling when you've cooked yourself a healthy meal and take the first bite? We love that feeling too. It would be great if you could feel like that every day. But who has time to cook fresh and healthy every day? With delicious and healthy ready meals like our Chipotle Chili or the Berglinseneintopf, we make it possible for you. We give you the feeling of a homemade, healthy meal and save you the time. By using fresh and high-quality ingredients in organic quality, our ready meals taste like homemade. In our range, you'll find various organic dishes for every taste. This enables you to have a balanced, varied, and healthy diet. All you need for the quick preparation of our dishes is a microwave.

Healthy dishes for physical well-being and energy

Healthy dishes not only benefit the body but also the mind. That's why we prioritize the highest quality ingredients in all our dishes. Our products are carefully selected and certified organic to enable you to maintain a balanced and healthy diet without spending a lot of time. Such nutrition is a crucial requirement for physical well-being and energy. Healthy ready-to-eat meals complement your active lifestyle perfectly, allowing you to give your best every day. The products we use act as fuel for your body and muscles. Regular consumption of varied and healthy dishes is also important for the mind. With our ready-to-eat meals, you're doing something good for both body and soul.

Löwenanteil: Best Ready-to-Eat Meals for Peak Performance!

Our ready-to-eat meals are suitable for everyone, but they offer particularly many benefits for athletes and individuals with an active lifestyle. For example, our fitness meals are easily digestible and don't leave you feeling heavy, allowing you to push through your workout without discomfort. We aim to support your athletic lifestyle and help you achieve new personal bests with our fitness meals. Already enjoyed by numerous athletes, our fitness meals are made from healthy ingredients, and we ensure a balanced nutrient profile. This way, you can focus entirely on your sport without worrying about meal prep.

A high protein content makes our ready-to-eat meals healthy.

If you're a sports enthusiast or interested in nutrition, you're likely aware of the importance of protein content in fitness meals. Generally, all three macronutrient groups are relevant: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The distribution of these nutrients defines the energy content of a meal, for example. Athletes often focus on a high protein content when planning their meals. Since our ready-to-eat meals meet this criterion, they are a perfect complement to a sporty lifestyle. Proteins can be processed by the body more quickly than many carbohydrates. Protein-rich foods are suitable for optimal muscle nourishment. If protein content matters to you, you'll love our meals.

Great ready-to-eat meals - quick, healthy, delicious!

Many people believe that quick healthy meals and great taste are mutually exclusive. Our ready-to-eat meals prove that this doesn't have to be the case. We have a top bio chef responsible for developing our recipes, ensuring the highest quality and best taste. Healthy, quick, organic meals are our specialty and our passion. We have made it our mission to merge the two factors of time and health. As a result, we present you with various healthy dishes in organic quality. Our meals are not only easy to digest and promote an active lifestyle, but they are also prepared in no time. You just need to heat them up and can enjoy them right away. We also offer you enough variety to try several simple, healthy dishes.

The best ready-to-eat meals made from high-quality and healthy organic ingredients.

A ready-to-eat meal is only as good as its individual ingredients. That's why our organic ready-to-eat meals are made from high-quality products of organic origin. We carefully select all the ingredients for our dishes, ensuring high quality in our meals. Your body deserves such nutrition and will thank you for it. By regularly consuming healthy dishes like ours, you'll notice some changes. Suddenly, you'll have more energy, feel less tired, and be mentally sharper. Additionally, vegan ready-to-eat meals like our Lentils or our Chickpea CurryChickpea Curry taste incredibly delicious. In this way, we not only support an active and sporty lifestyle but also satisfy your taste buds. High-quality and healthy ingredients can significantly improve your well-being.

What makes Löwenanteil your number one partner for healthy ready-to-eat meals?

With Löwenanteil, one thing should be simple for you: ordering healthy ready-to-eat meals online. This way, you can save time, nourish your body with healthy food, and still plan your day as you like it! Between a busy job, social life, relationship, and hobbies, we simply sometimes don't have the time or the desire to spend at least 30 minutes in the kitchen to cook a balanced meal. With Löwenanteil, a healthy ready-to-eat meal lands on your plate, ready in about 90 seconds in the microwave. We offer you enough variety for every day, different side dishes for even more variety, and guaranteed 100% organic quality. This way, you supply your body with everything it needs, enjoy delicious food, and don't have to flip through cookbooks or clean dirty pots.