Lose weight without the yo-yo effect: we show you effective diets

Losing weight without the yo-yo effect is really not easy. The yo-yo effect describes your rapidly increasing body weight after the diet. The body panics: if it has lost weight quickly, it will do whatever it takes to get it back to its original state. In addition, there are missing nutrients during the diet, abrupt start and then exit, and a relapse into your old habits. Gone doesn't mean gone here, gone is only temporary and that's not healthy. But how can you lose weight without the yo-yo effect? Löwenanteil shows you which weight loss strategies are really effective.

Really effective diets

In order for you to achieve and keep your desired goal in the long term, you only have to pay attention to a few things. Healthy weight loss involves changing and maintaining habits. Losing weight without the yo-yo effect? Here are your effective diets:

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting describes a method of short-term fasting. Two widely used methods can be used for this. On the one hand the 5:2 method and on the other hand the 16:8 method.

Intermittent fasting 5:2 method

The 5:2 method is a simple method for losing weight without the yo-yo effect : the calorie intake is significantly reduced two days a week. Women should consume between 500-600 calories, men are recommended 600-700 calories. The two days can be chosen as required. On these days, sugar, wheat flour and quickly digestible carbohydrates are taboo. It is even more effective to take the two days in a row and leave at least 14 hours between meals each day.

Intermittent fasting 16:8 method

The 16:8 method involves fasting overnight for 16 hours. On the other hand, you can eat for eight hours, leaving about four hours for digestion. For example, you can eat at 5 p.m., then not eat overnight and then have a balanced breakfast at 9 a.m. It is important to drink enough. With this method, your sleep often improves because your body is no longer busy digesting dinner at night - so it can focus on detoxification and regeneration.

Lose weight without the yo-yo effect: delicious dishes from the Löwenanteil

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diet change

In addition to intermittent fasting, you might want to think about a general change in your diet. It is important that you do not forbid yourself anything, but exchange food. Otherwise the dreaded "eating attacks" will occur - which again leads to frustration. Try replacing the supposedly unhealthy things with positive, empowering foods. Small changes are also helpful: dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate or industrially produced snacks, maybe quark instead of pudding, wholemeal bread instead of toast.

Mindfulness is also a big field here: devoured a ready-made pizza on the side, is very in the stomach. A mindfully prepared meal that is enjoyed gives strength. It is said to refrain from all industrial products that have more than three additives. And that already excludes most unhealthy dishes from the house. Try to eat fresh, perhaps preparing your meals for several days. You have already won a lot with this! And if you want a quick and healthy alternative, let the Löwenanteil of the dishes convince you. ;)

increase metabolism

Movement creates movement and this also applies to the human body. Exercise in everyday life (if this is not already established for you) is always good - viewed from two sides. First, with extra exercise, you burn more calories, your body fluids get going and your performance increases. Second, the more you move, the more muscle your body creates, the more energy you burn. Muscle, the Fat Burning Engine: Your body uses a lot of energy to maintain muscle, and you are responsible for it. Your food determines your muscle growth.

lower blood sugar

Our body "conjures up" carbohydrates with the help of the hormone insulin, blood sugar - energy. The quality of the sugar is crucial, so there are short-chain and long-chain carbohydrates. White flour products (to stay with the ready-made pizza example) are full of short-chain carbohydrates, which means that the insulin level rises quickly and falls again quickly. Fatal for fat burning. A high insulin level means less fat burning, because the body uses the "kick". You can counteract this by eating healthy carbohydrates such as Löwenanteil, whole grains...

Losing weight without the yo-yo effect: conclusion

A diet without the yo-yo effect is designed for the long term – it is possible to lose the hated kilos quickly, but this is neither healthy nor sustainable. A better way is to change your diet, do some fasting here and there, and incorporate more exercise into your daily routine. A clever combination where you even have more energy - because you just don't have to burden yourself with negative food anymore. Important: for your weight loss success, it is just as important to know your calorie needs. Use our calorie calculator for this.

FAQ about losing weight without the yo-yo effect

How can the yo-yo effect be avoided?

Three things are important if you want to lose weight in the long term and effectively without the yo-yo effect. 1: Change your diet. 2: Establish movement. 3: Keep insulin levels as low as possible. If you eat a balanced and healthy diet, the body can draw on positive energy - you will sleep more deeply, detoxify better and have a lot more energy.

What nutrients do you need?

Vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and healthy carbohydrates and healthy oils. You can find all this easily in a natural diet, with few industrially produced foods. By the way, the Löwenanteil of dishes are designed to spoil you consciously and deliciously.

How do I manage the diet?

Don't forbid yourself anything! Take your time to look at your diet and maybe think about what you could swap. This can be very simple things like toast vs. wholemeal bread, pudding vs. quark or nibbling on carrots instead of chips. It is important that you feel comfortable, because fun and joy allow you to achieve your goals better and faster.

Which diet is the right one?

Again, please don't force yourself. That hinders success. Children have great learning experiences simply by trying everything. They don't stick to rigid rules, but establish what is good for them. You can also start like this. Find a new hobby that you enjoy so you can get more exercise. Find your favorite foods and see how they might be made more positive. Grab a sports buddy or do something completely different. Look forward to the change, your new body feeling, your new clothes.