Lose weight without giving up: this is how the pounds melt away without frustration

Losing weight without giving up is not that easy. Who does not know it: You try it with the umpteenth diet, but the success is permanent. Often there is a lack of consistency and perseverance. Or, better yet, those pounds lost just fine will come back real quick once we stop the diet.

So the question isn't just how to lose weight without frustration, but how to lose weight permanently. After all, struggling with a diet in order to lose weight in the short term, but then immediately returning to your original weight, is not the point.

So how can you lose weight effectively so that it is also crowned with lasting success? This is not so easy. But if you follow a few tips, you can reduce your weight permanently. Löwenanteil shows you how it's done!

Losing weight with a diet – which one is best?

It is not possible to say which diet is best suited. Some swear by low carb, others recommend high carb and low fat instead. Still others are convinced of dinner canceling - just skip dinner - and the next person will lose weight most easily with intermittent fasting. It is not possible to generalize which method is best for you. It's best for you to find that out for yourself. There is no such thing as a miracle diet. The most popular types of diet are:

  • 1,400kcal per day as a limit
  • Dinner canceling
  • low carb
  • intermittent fasting

Lose weight without the yo-yo effect

What is certain is that many diets seem promising at first, but ultimately do not bring much. On the one hand, a diet should suit you and your eating habits, but on the other hand it should not restrict you too much. A quick diet will cause you to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, but you'll gain it back all the faster afterwards. This is referred to as the so-called yo-yo effect . The body is kept short during the diet and switches to the back burner, so to speak. As soon as your food and calorie intake returns to normal, your body starts building up reserves for emergencies, even more than before the diet. It is important to avoid this effect.

It usually works better if you gradually change your diet. That means if you not only go on a diet, but also eat differently afterwards so that the lower weight level remains. And that's usually the hardest part: changing your eating habits to suit your calorie needs over the long term. No one is going to lose weight on a diet and keep it off by going back to pre-diet eating. In short: the evil is mostly a wrong diet, which should be changed from the ground up.

But that doesn't mean that a diet generally doesn't help, on the contrary. It is suitable for weight loss, but you can only keep the weight off if you work on your eating habits.

A few tips to persevere

It is extremely difficult for many people to stick to a diet. In order for this to succeed, you should heed the following tips.

  1. Choose the time for the diet wisely

The easiest way to stick to a diet is when there are no social events scheduled. If you are invited to birthdays or other events, it is rather difficult to keep up. So consciously choose the time that suits you.

  1. Fill up and choose a form of diet that suits you

Going to bed at night without dinner? Intermittent fasting and not eating for 16 hours? One day a week when you fast? Or would you prefer a low carb diet? Inform yourself well about the possibilities and the different diets. Not every diet is equally suitable for everyone. We at Löwenportion have designed special dishes that keep you full for a long time, are high in protein and have comparatively manageable calories. A 1,400kcal diet is much easier to get through with the Löwenanteil and it's delicious in organic quality.

At the end of the day, you can always follow this rule: if you consume fewer calories than you expend, you have a net calorie deficit and will lose weight in the long run. It doesn't really matter how you achieve this - either by eating less or by exercising more.

  1. One cheat day per week

Many swear by adding one cheat day a week to diets. That means: a day on which sin is allowed. This is good motivation to persevere, as many find it difficult to stay consistent over a long period of time.

  1. What has how many calories?

It's never wrong to have a sense of which foods are high in calories and where the "calorie traps" are. Most of the time, one is simply not aware that e.g. B. half a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips are pure calorie bombs. Or the calories are hidden in sauces, drinks or industrial, inferior finished products. If you know your “enemy”, you can deal with it better.

  1. Where are my feeding traps?

A bar here, a cake there, fast food for lunch, a quick ready-made pizza in the evening - everyone has their weaknesses that are responsible for the fat just not wanting to melt. For one it's fast food, for another it's beer, for the next it's soft drinks or sweets. Start observing your diet closely and learn where you can improve or take countermeasures.

  1. The calorie density

Does the crowd matter? Not necessarily! More on the content. For example, you can either eat a row of chocolates or alternatively eat a whole bowl of salad. Because with food cravings, your body is specifically asking for good nutrients and not empty fast food products.

What matters is the calorie density of the food in question. So you can basically eat as much vegetables and salad as you want without gaining weight, also because both have almost no calories. But beware: when it comes to salad, the calories are lurking in the sauce.

  1. Don't forget to move!

You can do without everything when eating and of course lose weight in this way. But you can lose weight even better and more effectively if you support the whole thing with exercise. This ensures that the skin does not sag when you lose weight and increases your basal metabolic rate. When you build muscle, your body uses more calories - and that's exactly what you're trying to achieve.


Can you lose weight without exercising?

That's fine. However, it is always better to support weight loss with sport, because this strengthens the muscles and intensifies the breakdown of fat.

Do you have to avoid sweets on a diet?

Not necessarily. There are also delicious and healthy sweets that are not a hindrance to losing weight. In addition, many put in a cheat day when dieting, on which you can also sin from time to time.

Better to omit sugar altogether?

Sugar is definitely a hindrance when it comes to weight loss. If you still like it sweet, you can switch to sugar alternatives such as stevia or xylitol.

Löwenanteil for your weight loss goals

Now that you have good tips, you don't yet know what to put in your shopping cart the next time you visit the supermarket? Not sure how to cook healthy meals yourself? Don't feel like giving up good taste?

Try our organic dishes . All of Löwenshare's meals contain complex carbohydrates to fuel you up for the day. The high-quality fatty acids, proteins and fiber in our dishes support you in your sporting goals. We make healthy eating as easy as possible, without making sacrifices. Lose weight and eat healthy without going to bed hungry! Insider tip: Snacking without regrets is also very easy with our Snack Balls !